To book a date, contact me in any convenient way (whatsapp/instagram/telegram).
Before booking a date, I try to get to know the couple in person or online, so it’s easier to understand if we are suitable for each other, and comfortable, if we have the same taste in photography.
I always ask you to send a welcome letter (getting to know you, your names, and a brief description of the details of the wedding), moodboard / Pinterest (with themes of pictures, the atmospheric that you want to see at your wedding: from images, approximate locations, decor, to dinner and little details wich makes the wedding day more personal for each couple) ) so we will definitely understand each other faster.
And we will be able to determine for ourselves whether we have connection or not.
This is very important, 90% of the success of your shots depends on it.
After meeting and confirming the date, signing the contract and making an advance payment, the Wedding date will be reserved for you.

PRICE for 2024-25:

Wedding Photography -  from 400$ per hour  

 (Lasting from 8 hours)

(If the wedding is in another State or City, the Client undertakes to pay for the transfer from the airport and back, and accommodation for the duration of the shooting in this city, if necessary)

Brands - 350$ (1 hour)

Natural portrait/Family/Pregnancy/Love Story - 700$ (2 hours)

IMPORTANT! If you want the film photos, this must be discussed in advance. Film and developing / scanning are paid separately.

(The cost of one roll of film is specified in the film laboratory, approximately from 17$/scanning 25$).




On average, for a 10-hour shoot at a Wedding day, it turns out from 500-1000 photos in the author's editing. 

The amount of photos depends on the multiplicity and duration of the day.
If I am inspired by a couple, beautiful emotions of the guests, the atmosphere of your celebration, there will definitely be more photos at the end.


It takes from 2 to 3.5 months to edit the photos, approximately, depending on the workload of the season, and in what month the wedding took place.
If the wedding is at the beginning of the season, then you will receive photos in two months. If it is the end of summer and autumn, then you will have to wait longer.

If the photos are needed urgently, then we can discuss and agree on the terms for you.
But do not forget that the quality of work depends on a relaxed working atmosphere and not on haste.
 I want to give each couple unforgettable memories, aesthetic pleasure when viewing photos and pleasant impressions for a long memory.
I understand that you really want to get all the Wedding material as soon as possible, and I try to do my best and within the specified time frame.
And to make it easy for you to wait, I always send preview of the first 30-70 frames within the first 2 weeks after your wedding.


I live in South California. Love to travel with benefit. It may turn out that on the date you have planned, I will be in your City, feel free to write to me and I will contact you to clarify the possibility of shooting.

Still Have a Question

Please write to me and I will answer to you as soon as I can. Thank You!